When I started my journey with BNI and I had no idea how much of positive impact, I would have and later I found that BNI is not just a system that generate business.

It's a new movement creating a new business culture and it is not competition. It's an era of collaboration. It is the reason I wake up every Tuesday to support those business heroes who deserve success and I'm proud to be part of that success. Our three year journey with the Champions chapter has been extremely productive and very effective, especially if you follow the recommend process training and reading. My journey is a clear example of that. I believe that I have only scratched the surface of the BNI potential and there are more opportunities to be had not just in us, but across the world. Thank you, Champions for trusting me and our company I am proud to represent BNI Champions - UAE. Thank you.


Abu Bakker

BNI Champions - UAE.

“Three years back I was asked to wake up at 6pm to network with a bunch of people to grow my business.

And I said, Have you lost your mind. Today, every Tuesday morning I'm excited to meet my extended family and I have all the Champions to thank for that. And I say to myself, I had lost my mind to have not been here then. Thank you Champions for teaching me to keep my eyes on the stars and my feet on the ground. Thank you, Kamal (who sponsored me)for not giving up on me. I have been able to get the best out of me. Give, Give, and Give is what I have learned from BNI - UAE,Thank you everyone.

Chitra Bulani

BNI Champions - UAE.

In my profession as a Dentist, businesses, is an ocean.

It's either you sail all by yourself through it or you drown one in one of the storms. For me, BNI has guided me – it’s a complete platform that sails you safely to your destination. I am a healthcare professional, not a businesswoman and with the continuous help of my Champions I'm sailing my ship safely in confidence and those members are my backbones. I'm proud to be a Champion -UAE Thank you.

Nour Al-Kayem

BNI Champions - UAE.

I still remember my first visit to BNI, in the idyllic Creek and Golf club eight years ago in March 2012.

I was invited by my friend, to the Open Day cum Launch meeting of BNI Synergy -UAE. It was an open-air meeting, full of energy, early in the morning with around 50 visitors. This was the first Referral Network meeting in my 10 years of running an IT Service business in Dubai. I was delighted by the opportunity to meet so many Business Leaders, looking to help each other, that I immediately signed up for BNI. Most of my success today is because of the last Eight years of BNI. With BNI University and trainings, I have gained skills in Networking, Public speaking, Sales presentation etc which have not only helped me in BNI but also in improving my personal Life. BNI Synergy is a great place to network and pass referrals, but more importantly, what I cherish is the camaraderie that exists between members. It has given me a support network which I needed as an expat I am thoroughly impressed with BNI’s ability to respond to the new normal, quickly and effectively, with Zoom meetings and online training, which helped us keep in touch and support each other’s business. Thank you BNI

Gopalakrishnan C R

BNI Synergy - UAE.

I really feel blessed to be part of BNI Champions - UAE.

In fact, BNI is the best thing that has happened to me in the UAE and BNI Champions -UAE is the best thing happened to me in BNI. It has helped me a lot in my journey to entrepreneurship from an employee status to becoming becoming an employer. BNI Champions is a wonderful group of people. We are advocates for each other. We play and we have fun together. We have traveled together to new continents. We have started new business ventures together, and I would like to thank Kunal and the Leadership teams for their efforts to me in making this chapter, a wonderful group of people and a wonderful culture. Thank you.

Noor Karim

BNI Champions - UAE.

My journey started nearly three and a half years ago and it's been nothing short of an incredible experience for me personally.

We all joined to get business but for some of us, it takes a little longer. And in my case, it took nearly three years before I could log in my first significant closed business. But having said that this chapter is great because on a Tuesday morning for me personally, we are all equals learning to be a better members who are now like family to me. You've all been very kind and the Champions -UAE have given me a lot, whether it was to lead them for a term or to take my company across borders into a different continent. Or if it's simply meant to host a charity and feel the real joy of giving back to our society. And a lot of people have asked me, as a Chapter, what is it that really sets us apart and I can only point out to the strong culture that we have set amongst all the new members that it is the culture of giving unconditionally. My journey has only begun, and I hope to keep giving back to this chapter, and its members in the years to come. Thank you.

Praveen Nair

BNI Champions - UAE.

I clearly remember how I became a part of this wonderful organization. - BNI UAE. I just received a mailer in my post box 8 years ago from one of our suppliers inviting me to a Business networking meeting at 7 am.

The group was called BNI Insomniacs and I thought 7 am - quite an apt name “Insomniacs”. Little did I know that worldwide thousands of people meet early in the morning on a weekly basis to exchange qualified business referrals. I attended the visitor day. Was quite impressed and put in an application immediately. Few weeks later I started my BNI Journey. In these 8 years I’ve made amazing business connections, met many wonderful people and have made many genuine friends. Of course I’ve receive lots of business as well; over 50 times my investment every year. But what keeps me in BNI is the immense network that I can call upon whenever I need anything.

Rakesh Pardasani

BNI Insomniacs - UAE.

So let me explain my journey.

The phone rings and it's Neil once again asking me to visit BNI Champions -UAE. This time Corona was on and Dubai was under lockdown. And my excuses had run out. However, the moment I logged in as a visitor. I could see the positive energy. The attitude and sync between the members, even though everyone was joining in from home and not in person. I quickly registered my membership and I truly believe this is one train. I should have jumped on long back. Well, the surprise didn't finish there. I was once again stumped at my first order within the first week of joining, which was referred by Chitra, who runs an awesome cake shop. With whom, otherwise I wouldn't have associated for a business inquiry as we belong to completely different business profiles. Within less than five months. I am proud to have generated more than AED 100,000 in business for my fellow Champions and more than AED 50,000 for my business. Thank you Champions because my pain points have been converted to action points with your valuable inputs. BNI has time and again proven itself to be a business gym where if you put more efforts and see great results and BNI Champions -UAE is the platinum membership. Thank you.

Shahin Avthal

BNI Champions - UAE.

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